Based at the foot of the Alps, at Technolac in Le Bourget-du-lac, Nāga Geophysics is an expert company in geophysical studies for underground imaging. 

Our engineering office draws its strength from the complementarity of the skills of its four founding members, Doctors in geophysics and geomorphology. 

Our mission

We offer methods resulting from the most recent scientific advances to provide practical solutions and expertise to environmental, hydrogeological, geological, geotechnical, geomorphological or archaeological questions.


Before starting a mission, we check that it contributes positively to our environment. To do this, we have provided our engineering office with an independent ethics committee who can advise us on ethical, environmental and social issues. 



Pierre Vaudelet is a Doctor in geophysics. He is the author of a PhD thesis funded by ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) on the development of geoelectrical methods applied to the characterization of contaminated sites and grounds. For Nāga Geophysics, he combines his skills as a business manager, with his scientific and technical expertise. He is also the founder of TerraScope, an engineering office based in New Caledonia and specialized in environmental and mining geophysics. Passionate about fieldwork, he has carried out more than 300 kilometers of geophysical profiles on remote and difficult to access sites. 


André Revil is Research Director at the CNRS, specialist in hydrogeophysics, with a strong interest in the development of innovative methods and in applications of geophysical methods to environmental geosciences. He works on the implementation of methodologies to map preferential flows in embarkments and dams as well as for the study of gravitational destabilization of mountain sides, and on permafrost. He has authored and co-authored over 320 publications in peer-reviewed journals that are authoritative in their fields. These works have been cited more than 18,600 times. He is also the author of three monographs on electrical methods applied to Environmental Geosciences. His work has been rewarded with numerous prizes, including the CNRS bronze medal in 2003, the Ludger Mintrop Award from the EAGE in 2010, the Nishida prize in Japan in 2015, and the Schlumberger prize in 2020. He is AGU (American Geophysical Union) Fellow since 2017. Since 2020, he has also been scientific advisor to Nāga Geophysics. 

Pierre-Allain DUVILLARD

Pierre-Allain Duvillard is a Doctor in geosciences, holder of a PhD on the destabilization of land supporting high mountain infrastructures in the French Alps. In his research work, he has used complex geophysical methods for the diagnosis of risks related to glaciers and permafrost, in a context of global warming. Today, he provides his multi-method approach and his experience in steep terrain to the studies for Nāga Geophysics. 


Johan Berthet is a Doctor in geomorphology. He is also the founder of Styx 4D, an engineer office expert in applied and fundamental geomorphology located at Technolac. His PhD work carried out at the Edytem laboratory and at the University of Savoie focused on torrential and glacial geomorphology. An experienced field man, he puts his advanced practice of speleology and canyoning at the service of his missions. His view as a geomorphologist brings an essential complementarity to geophysical studies, in particular through his work with 3D cartography. 


Stéphanie Barde-Cabusson is a Doctor in geosciences, with a PhD on the destabilization of volcanoes, their internal structure, and their hydrothermal activity. Geologist by training and specialized in geophysics, she uses multidisciplinary approaches to study underground fluid flows and geology. She led and participated in projects for various environmental applications such as the characterization of geothermal systems and in hydrogeophysics, thanks to her expertise on subsurface geophysical methods. In particular, she is a specialist in geoelectrical methods: self-potential, electrical resistivity tomography.